Major book publisher improves productivity, reduces maintenance

For several years, this well-known publisher has been using Storopack’s PAPERplus® Shooter to create void fill for its cases of books. The company had been experiencing multiple, ongoing problems—such as jamming and safety concerns—at its Midwest distribution center. As a result, it frequently had to deploy its maintenance staff to correct the problems. In addition to equipment performance, the packers were challenged by the complicated roll-loading.

One of their packaging distributors, which had been selling other items into the account, saw an opportunity to present a paper delivery system alternative—the GeoSpeed Quantum—which could address the company’s issues.

At the end of 2011, a Quantum unit was demonstrated. The book publisher liked what it saw and by April had agreed to install six units in its fulfillment area. (Subsequently, another four units were placed in the centralized packing area, to complete a 100% conversion from the competitor.)

Initially, the book publisher trialed 30-pound paper on the Quantum machine. However, since it was interested in improving packing efficiency, it switched to the new 45-pound paper option.

Because a smaller amount of the heavier, 45-pound paper is needed to create void fill, management was happy to discover that it could reduce pack time and material usage – creating productivity gains and material savings. A total of ten GeoSpeed Quantum units are now in place using 12-inch, 1700 foot rolls.

In terms of operational improvements, the packers love the ease of changeover and use. (The operator can make adjustments to suit his or her specific needs. This includes machine height, paper dispensing angles and roll repositioning to help reduce the overall footprint.) And since there hasn’t been one instance of repair or troubleshooting since installation (unlike the competitive units which required almost daily attention), the company has been able to eliminate maintenance-associated labor costs and can now deploy that personnel elsewhere in the facility.

This book publisher benefited from the GeoSpeed Quantum system with Heavy Duty RC paper by improving productivity and employee satisfaction while reducing labor expense and material consumption.

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