Metal Foil Tapes: 3M Aluminum Foil Tapes, Lead Foil Tapes, Damping Foils

Metail Foil Tapes 3M

Aluminum Foil Tapes

Chemically resistant aluminum foil tapes can help protect products during chemical paint stripping.

  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant – Help seal and protect many sensitive assemblies and surfaces.
  • Thermally Conductive – Help maximize efficiency of heating or cooling by increasing transmission over broader area.
  • Heat and Light Reflective – Help protect plastic components from heat damage. Help improve visibility by magnifying light sources.
  • Flame Resistant – Help protect parts from flame damage.
  • Outdoor Weather-able – Resist U.V. degradation, ensures long lasting performance.
  • Vibration Damping – Damp resonant vibration for noise control.

Aluminum Foil/Reinforced Tapes

Aluminum foil/reinforced tape can be used to protect sensitive cables, lines, or tubes

  • Highly Conformable and Non-rigidizing – Ideal for spiral wrap heat and flame protection of cables, hoses and harnesses. Wrapped flexible hoses retain flexibility.
  • High Strength – Good wearability, high tear and puncture resistance.
  • Flame Resistant – Help protect parts from flame and heat damage 

Lead Foil Tapes

Lead foil tapes are used in x-ray applications providing relative marker to locate defects.

  • Electrically Conductive – “Thieving” action eliminates metal plating edge build-up.
  • Acid Resistant – Broad applicability for etching, milling and plating operations.
  • Malleable – High conformability: can be easily working with burnishing tools.
  • High Density – Ideal weighting or balancing medium.
  • X-ray Opacity – Help protect components from x-rays. Great marker or locator for x-ray inspection operations.

Damping Foils

Damping foils can be placed inside aircaraft fuselage to reduce cabin noise

  • Noise Reduction – Unique polymer converts vibration to negligible heat.
  • Fatigue Reduction – Reduced vibration helps prolong product life. 
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