Moisture Control Solutions


Absorpole is the perfect option for moisture absorption in containers for either dry or moist cargo. Its quick and easy installation and thin profile makes it the best built-in moisture collector. Absorpole is also impact-resistant in case of cargo shipment.



For dry and moist conditions, this moisture control option is the economy version of the Absorpole. Absorbag works well in conjunction with Absorpole and can be used in the front or rear of containers.



Absortop moisture control product is placed at the top of containers and has impact resistance for added protection should cargo shift during transit. Its small size and capability of preventing re-evaporation makes it a good choice for dry and moist, packaged and bulk cargo.

Absorgel™ Blanket


For dry, moist, packaged and bulk cargo, Absorgel absorbent material has a large surface area providing rapid absorption during shorter trips. The moisture turns into gel and is the best option for conditions with less space.

Absorgel™ Bag/Esorb™ Hangbag/Esorb™ Pouches

Hangbag/Esorb Pouches

When non-liquid brine collection is desired the Absorgel bag is the best option. The absorbent material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Its slim profile fits nicely in the corrugation container walls. The perfect low cost option, designed for use when there is no space except for 6”-8” of free space at the top of the container, Esorb Hangbags’ sewn in hook makes it the best and practical choice for any shipments. Esorb Pouches are perfect for protection from molded inside packaging. It absorbs well at all humidity levels, is made with non-toxic material and 100% biodegradable.

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