Need to Vent? Vented Stretch Film Details

Specialty Stretch FilmIf the lack of ventilation with the use of traditional stretch films causes your customers problems, IPS Packaging has sources for two cost effective methods to help alleviate those problems.

Stretch Netting

A food industry standard is to allow products to breathe while eliminating condensation formation on the loads. If the goods require a well ventilated area to cure or cool down, stretch film netting is the solution.

Stretch Netting secures products and provides even ventilation to allow product in the middle of a load to freeze at the same rate as product on the outside of a load. Machine versions routinely stretch up to 100%.

Vented Film

This film combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap.

Air-Flow Pallet Wrap

This type of film is an amazing vented stretch film featuring die cut holes for ventilation. Air-Flow permits condensation to leave the pallet, thus protecting the goods and other packaging materials (labels, printed display cartons). Due to it’s chemical composition, it will hold up in cold storage and freezers and is available with UVI additives.

Air-Flow is available in handwrap or machine rolls. It is 100% recyclable and services agricultural, industrial and manufacturing industries, as well as various packing and shipping concerns. Air-Flow comes in two die cut variations: Air-Flow Standard Film and Air-Flow Premium. Air-Flow Premium can be pre-stretched up to 200%.

IPS Packaging has several sources for all your stretch netting and vented film applications. For more information on IPS Packaging, call 800.277.7007 or email our Sales team.


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