Now Available at IPS Packaging Supplies: Tesa Secure Laser Etched UID Labels

UID Labels

Conventional coding systems have been taken to the next level with tesa Secure Unique Identification Labels (UID). Now available with IPS Packaging Supplies, these laser-marking products are high quality, secure labels that have been used in various packaging industries such as the aerospace, automotive, energy, military, and security industries, just to name a few. So, if it is durable enough for aviation, good enough for the government, strong enough for the military, and protective enough for the security industry, is it qualified to work for your company’s packaging needs?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Getting a behind the scenes look at such a high-demand packaging product is not always easy to accomplish. After researching the technical specifications of the product, the intense product testing undergone by the specialized UID team at tesa, and the unique product characteristics of the tesa Secure label, it has become apparent that this UID label is in a class all by itself. However, many problems can arise when trying to secure such a high performance label. Knowledge of UID compliance, finding a packaging distributor who can quickly expedite laser-etching the label, and locating a distributor near you, can prove to be headaches for companies looking to find fast solutions to laser-etched UID labels.

The Department of Defense (DoD) requires specific serialization tracking programs such as the UID system. Compliant with all DoD requirements, tesa Secure 6973 UID labels are durable laser cut tags that passed all seven exposure tests in a study conducted by Advanced Converting Solutions.

[The] tesa 6973 AF48 Footprint has passed all tests and has shown good Tamper Evident Effect. It withstands both Temperature Tests and shows good performance in Laser Programmability. It withstands all 7 exposure tests and outperforms the other products for abrasion resistance. -Advanced Converting Solutions, 2003
Bottom line for customers: IPS Packaging Supplies understands the compliance needs as laid out by the DoD. Experienced professionals with IPS Packaging can not only help you in UID compliance regulations, but can provide helpful information and training in UID implementation.

Not to mention, it has become increasingly difficult, particularly in the Southeast, to locate a UID provider. Furthermore, a packaging provider that is willing to laser-etch the UID label in-house. Using IPS Packaging, customers cannot only buy die-cut labels or labels by the roll, but IPS, through a unique partnership with tesa, can expedite the process of laser-etching the label needed. By providing this option, customers are given a cost-effective and timely packaging solution for their company.

In all reality, UID labels are becoming somewhat of a needle in the haystack for packaging companies who are in desperate need of identification, bar-code, inspection, inventory, and rating labels. With this product now being offered at IPS Packaging Supplies, more companies will surely find the search for UID labels to be quicker, easier and cost-efficient.

For more information regarding the tesa Secure Laser Etched UID label, please contact IPS Packaging, call 800.277.7007 or email our Sales team.

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