Packaging Cost Savings: Cutting Packaging Costs by 50% with Strapping

Polyester StrappingA customer that produces commercial roll up doors was using 25′ -50′ spiral tubes to package commercial overhead doors. Each overhead door is a custom size. So the customer would cut the tubes to length and split the spiral tubes in half in order to wrap them around the rolled door. Then the package was strapped with 500# polypropylene strap. The polypropylene strap was manually tensioned and sealed. This strap broke quite often. Furthermore, the doors rattled around inside of the split tube and created lots of damage. To make matters worse, the tubes had a cost on $25 to $40 each.

After many tests, we suggested scored triwall corrugated sheets to replace the spiral tubes. The triwall was cheaper, easier to handle and took less storage space. We also convinced the customer to switch to using a BXT-19 with 5/8″ x .040 PET. The PET was the correct break strength and the BXT was quicker. By tightly strapping the corrugated around the rolled up doors, they experienced far less damage in transit. All of these suggestions ended up saving the customer 50 percent of their packaging cost.

The Situation

A customer was incorrectly using spiral tubes and strapping to package roll up doors.

  • Had to cut and split tubes to fit
  • Strapping broke quite often
  • Unsecure packaging created lots of damage
  • Spiral tubes are very pricey

The Solution

Triwall corrugated sheets and polyester strapping.

  • Triwall is far less expensive
  • Easier to handle
  • Takes up less storage space
  • Experienced far less damage in transit

Since the switch over to our suggested packaging, the customer saves over 50% of their packaging costs.

IPS Packaging is a wholesale distributor polyester strapping, Signode polyester strap, green polyester strapping, black polyester strapping, and polyester strapping machines.

With the dramatic increase in the cost of steel, many companies are finding that polyester strapping provides the same performance as steel strapping but at a fraction of the cost. As of August 2004, companies are saving up to 78 percent by converting to polyester strapping. Polyester is the most rigid of all strapping materials. Polyester is nick resistant and can be sealed with seals, heat, or friction welds. Polyester offers the greatest strength and highest retained tension of all plastic strapping, it is frequently used on heavy duty loads that need high initial tension along with high retained tension during handling and storage. To ensure the best performance from polyester strapping, be sure to check out the full line of application equipment and accessories, including seals, hand tools, power strapping machines and dispensers.

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