Packaging Cost Savings: Down Gauge to Eco-Supreme Stretch Film

Eco Supreme Stretch FilmA customer based out of Charlotte, NC was buying 18” x 80 ga hand applied stretch film to secure manufactured wire products to a pallet. We suggested a down gauge to our Eco-Supreme Stretch Film, which is much thinner, but stronger than the film they had been buying. They were reluctant to make the change, but became convinced after an in-plant demonstration at their Charlotte location by the IPS Sales Representative. They were impressed by the performance of the Eco-Supreme, and were amazed that we could save them nearly 40% per case of film. The people at the Charlotte location convinced their two other plants of the benefits of this down gauged film. Together the three locations ordered 9 pallets of our product and saved over $9000 on the first order. Their comment to the IPS sales representative was that they were disappointed that their current supplier had not offered them a similar down gauge.

The Situation

A customer is not satisfied with the strength of their current stretch film.

  • Stretch film not strong enough
  • Loss of money due to damaged products
  • Rips and tears in film
  • Pricey product

The Solution

Down gauge to the Eco-Supreme Stretch Film. The customer ordered 9 pallets of the Eco-supreme Stretch Film and saved 40% per case on the first order compared to the previously used stretch film.

  • Thinner, but stronger film
  • Savings of 40% per case
  • High quality performance
  • Eco-friendly

EcoSupreme is a premium grade hand stretch film. It is a true hybrid film coupling the low gauge strength of an engineered film, with the features and ergonomics of a pre-stretch.

Rolls are light wight to minimize wrapper fatigue and have reinforced edges to provide tear resistance. Its aggressive cling package is strong enough for B and many C loads.

  • Less film per load
  • Reinforced edges
  • Tear resistance
  • Low case prices
  • Stronger film at thinner gauges
  • Ultra light weight
  • Easy to handle

One of our product specialists demonstrates how to properly use Eco Stretch Film:

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