Packaging Cost Savings: Reducing Repairs and Returns with Adhesives

3M Adhesive ProductsA customer had a problem with a generic type of glue they were using not holding up, therefore causing their vinyl seats to not pass inspections. The loose seat covers caused several returns a month costing the company thousands of dollars. To fix this problem, IPS suggested they use a 3M glue with they were very satisfied with. The 3M glue eliminated the air pockets that were causing the seat covers to be loose, thus saving the company money by not having repairs and returns.

The Situation

The use of generic glue was causing loose seat covers

  • Several returns a month
  • Increased labor
  • Wasting money on a product that doesn’t always work

The Solution

Use a 3M brand glue to eliminate unwanted air pockets

  • Glue is stronger and will hold extremely well
  • Labor savings with far less repairs
  • Virtually eliminated the number of returns

The company was very satisfied with the 3M glue they switched to and saved thousands of dollars on labor and returns.

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