Packaging Cost Savings: Reusable Bags Save

Dunnage Air Bags 

Air bags offer numerous benefits for packaging transportation and logistics. Not only do dunnage air bags protect shipments and reduce damage while in transit, but they also can be reused by packagers in order to get the most bang for your buck. Depending on your operation, multiple sizes are available as well as different material. Polywoven dunnage air bags, plastic dunnage air bags, vinyl dunnage air bags and paper dunnage air bags are all available for any customer looking to find a reusable option for damage prevention.

One customer was using a competitor’s air bag in order to protect their loads. With two different sizes of bags being used, this customer was paying an unnecessarily high amount of money for protective packaging. IPS decided to do a plant audit in order to get the full picture on the situation at hand.

The Situation

While doing a plant audit, we noticed a customer was using 2 different sizes of air bags that were purchased from 2 different suppliers.

  • Only able to use bags once
  • Paying too much
  • Unnecessarily using 2 different sizes

The Solution

Switch to a reusable bag that will work for multi-sized loads.

  • Bags can be re-used several times
  • Freed up floor space
  • Now able to use one supplier

After switching to the one sized reusable bag, the customer was able to use them 3 times before throwing them out, thus saving them 35% annually.

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