Packaging Cost Savings: Save by Switching to IPS Pre-Stretch Hand Film

IPS Packaging offers pre-stretch hand film that saves for money for packagers. With a total annual savings anywhere between $2,880-$5750, businesses can begin to get more bang for their buck by switching to IPS Packaging’s hand film.

A look at the numbers…

Competitor Pre-Stretch Hand Film

  • $14,976/skid
    Per month
  • 26/Case with 48 cs=1 skid

IPS Packaging Pre-Stretch Hand Film

  • $12,096/skid
    Per month
  • 21/Case with 48 cs=1 skid


To learn more about how you can save by switching to IPS Pre-Stretch Hand Film, contact one of our packaging specialists today at 800.277.7007.

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