Packaging Cost Savings: Use of Foam Helps Save Thousands of Dollars in Reduced Damage

EPS FoamA customer based out of Chester, SC assembles large, outside doors for mobile homes and ships them across the country via common carrier. Multiple door sizes were being placed in just one size box without any internal protection, and were shipped. During transit, a number of doors were becoming damaged, especially on the corners. IPS was called upon to design a custom package for the doors to prevent this occurrence.

We chose a telescoping style box which could be adjusted to snugly fit various door sizes. We also recommended Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam to cushion the corners, and were able to prevent most damage to the doors and eliminate costs associated with product replacement and reshipment. The newly designed box and foam inserts had a slightly higher cost per package than their former design; however the customer anticipates saving thousands of dollars annually in reduced damage.

The Situation

A manufacturer of large doors for mobile homes did not have a safe and secure way to ship the doors cross country.

  • Multiple door sizes being put in one size box with no protection
  • Product being damaged during transit, especially on corners
  • Loss of money due the damaged doors and reshipment

The Solutions

Use a telescoping style box that can be adjusted to fit various door sizes as well as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam to cushion the corners of the doors.
  • Better protection
  • Labor savings on repairs
  • Secure shipments with virtually no damages

Though the newly designed box and foam packaging have a slightly higher cost, the customer anticipates saving thousands of dollars annually in reduced damage.

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