Packaging Cost Savings: Slip Sheets Replace Pallets and Save 75%

Numerous companies use wood pallets based off the traditional school of thought that wood pallets will work for most applications. After discussing their current operation more in-depth, IPS decided to be a little creative behind their packaging operation.

The Situation

A company was previously using wooden pallets

Slip Sheets 


A company contacted IPS stating that the use of wooden pallets is no longer cost effective. IPS conducted an internal audit of their systems and discovered the the company needed to use over one million pallets per year. At $6.00 per pallet, the company was spending in excess of $6,000,000 per year!

The Solution

Switch to Slip sheets

Upon completion on a systems audit, IPS concluded that a switch to slip sheets would be cost effective. A simple switch to slip sheets instead of wooded pallets saved the company over 75% per year!

Originally, we didn’t think slip sheets would be an answer to our problems. However, after IPS tested the product and proved to us that the switch could save us a good bit on our bottom line, we chose to go with it. We appreciate innovative solutions. 
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