Packaging engineers – define and refine!

Cost initiatives and process improvement goals going into 2014? we have a package solution!

Going into quarter four of 2013 many companies are beginning to review the previous three quarter spend of 2013 in the mindset of goal development and process improvements going into 2014. You may be asking some of these same questions:

  • Where can we implement cost-saving initiatives?
  • Where can we maximize efficiency, improve workflows and proactively meet consumer demands?

A qualified packaging professional with expertise within your field can identify and address the essentials to deliver your product to the marketplace within the time requirements necessitated.

Responding to the demand – packaging engineers

Successful cost-saving initiatives and process improvement implementation requires experience, knowledge and dedication. Logic Packaging, a subsidiary of IPS Packaging, works directly with companies to deliver tailored packaging solutions. Proficient in process evaluation, engineering and consultation, our team of packaging engineers are committed to on-time project delivery.

Proficient in process evaluation and equipment layout, our team of package engineers are well-versed in proposing improvements to reduce labor hours and increase productivity.

Win the race to market through our dedicated packaging engineers


Over numerous years of professional experience in varying industries, our qualified packaging engineers have labored to uncover solutions tailored to each customer. Whether your goal is maximized efficiency or bottom line reduction, our packaging engineers will thoroughly analyze your business from a holistic standpoint to determine a fitting solution with a proven return on investment. We will evaluate your current workflow to distinguish the root source of any problem you are facing. You can expect on-site discovery, complete documentation of findings and a comprehensive discovery analysis.


During implementation, we will review packaging compliance, maximization of warehouse space, cost saving methods and custom packaging recommendations. By identifying the most relevant, most easily actionable recommendations, we will propose a plan. Whether you are looking to automate, promote sustainability or decrease labor, Logic Packaging will assist you in developing changes that will instantly improve your bottom line.


Our analysis does not stop at implementation. We will meet with you to review the project as a whole, confirm the projected ROI, review requested enhancements and discuss any outstanding questions and/or concerns.

Quantifiable results

Our package engineers give you access to broad industry perspective and product neutral substrates. When you hire Logic Packaging, you not only acquire a package engineer, you also hire a team of support dedicated to your business including product and automation specialists, management members with years of experience industry wide and customer support. Our packaging engineers are committed to application of the latest software for optimal process visualization. We will continually research and implement the latest products on the market for the packaging and protection of your product. Whatever the challenge, Logic Packaging will analyze and recommend the solution most applicable to your process. Our goal is to turn your packaging process into an asset promoting both company success and consumer appreciation.

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