Packaging Equipment Cost Savings: AirSpeed 5000 System Saves Money

AirSpeed 5000
Equipment purchases are always needing to be quantified for our customers to truly feel they received the highest return on investment. Whether the solution be a form a standardization or safety, equipment purchases can be one of the best things for bottom line cost savings. Not to mention, the return on investment is almost guaranteed to be seen quickly. In one situation, our customer was using varying forms of void-fill packaging. After installing an AirSpeed 5000 machine, the savings were apparent.

The Situation

A company’s multiple distribution centers were using all different forms of void fill for packaging.

  • Inconsistent costs for each distribution center and company wide.
  • Because of the different forms of void fill the delivery of products were not uniform, thus making it less consistent and less professional.

The Solution

Each distribution center for the company started using AirSpeed 5000.

  • Every fulfilled order would arrive at its destination with the same type of void fill, creating a systemwide look.
  • AirSpeed weighs less therefore saving the company on freight costs.
  • The change to AirSpeed 5000 systems boosted annual sales by 150% from approximately $400 thousand to $1 million.

Other Void Fill Machines Similar to the AirSpeed 5000:

Other machines within this same line can be seen on our online channel. Machines such as the AirSpeed HC offer similar benefits to the AirSpeed 5000 machine.
  • Professional/Consistent Appearance
  • Easy Operator Controls
  • Standardization for Efficiency

Therefore depending on the size and scale of your operation, one of these machines could work best for your application.

For a more in-depth analysis of your potential cost savings, call 800.277.7007 or email our Sales team.

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