Packaging Equipment Cost Savings: AirSpeed 9000

The Situation

A company was losing money on damaged goods

A company involving travel was seeking a way for their customers to purchase wine and spirits and keep the bottles safe and secure in luggage and transportation.

  • Without the safe packaging for wine and spirits once purchased their was a negative impact on the company’s sales.
  • They also needed to find a solution that would protect the multiple sizes for wine glasses; tall, thin, thick and short.

The Solution

Inflatable packaging secures protects product

After IPS Packaging performed a systems audit for process improvement, we determined that the use of inflatable packaging material will help to prevent product damage. We advised the company to use AirSpeed 9000 inflatable packaging. After the company started using the AirSpeed 9000 inflatable packs for packaging purchased wine and spirits, they saw the following improvements:

  • The company was able to offer a turnkey packaging solutions for their traveling customers.
  • The compact nature of AirSpeed (each piece is shipped deflated/flat) also saved the company storage space.
  • They were also able to customize the packaging for the uniquely shaped bottles.

The AirSpeed 9000 is made up of rows of adjoining poly tubes that are safely inflated to cushion and protect products. The air tubes are connected through a system of one-way valves. The unique quality of the one-way valves means that if one of the air chambers are punctured, the others will remain untouched.

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