Packaging Equipment Cost Savings: New Case Sealers

3M-Matic Case Sealer
One company was paying an excess amount on labor. After discussing their basic packaging operation and needs, IPS decided to show them how a 3M-Matic Case Sealer could help standardize their operation and save them money on their bottom line.

With a full line of 3M-Matic machines ranging in operation speeds, the capabilities were endless for our user. Quick with changeovers, the 3M-Matic machines are ideal case sealers that provide versatility for packaging operations.

The Situation

A large company had to re-tape 10%-20% of the boxes they were sending through any given sealer.

  • Labor high due to re-taping
  • Money wasted on product
  • Doing unnecessary work

The Solution

Purchase a 3M Matic Case Sealer

  • Boxes sealed first time, every time
  • Labor savings
  • No more wasted time

After the company traded in their old sealer and purchased the 3M Matic Case Sealer, they noticed an outstanding improvement in their packaging and savings were through the roof! They saved around 45% in one year on labor and product.

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