Packaging Equipment Cost Savings: Void Fill Paper Machines at Window Blind Plant

Void Fill Paper Machines
The basic benefits to void fill paper machines are endless. Any time a customer makes a switch to an automated machine, we always hear great results. Some basic benefits to understand about void fill machines:

  • Fast
  • Operator friendly
  • Unique loading features
  • Versatility
  • Most are environmentally-friendly

Void fill comes in different types: paper, foam, air pillow, etc. For one of our customers, air pillows were high in cost and labor for their packaging operation. IPS had an easy, simple solution for them.

The Situation

A window blind plant was using an air pillow system for their void fill and were unhappy with the results in cost of labor.

The Solution

IPS Packaging presented an alternative void fill process. By switching to void fill paper machines they were able to avoid a labor step in which they had to wrap the gear with bubble wrap. The new void fill process was so well received that it was implemented to all of their other plants.

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