“Packaging on Demand” takes efullfillment to the next level

automation-headerClose your eyes and imagine this:

You’re a smaller eRetailer and you’re just getting off the ground.  People are ordering your items and you’re trying to keep up with demand.  But with increases in demand also come increases in packaging supplies.  Do you have the space to have boxes, void fill, and tape on hand?  And does keeping up with demand mean you’re having to employ more people to do the packing?  Now you’ve got to consider fitting all those people in your facility that is full of boxes, void fill, and tape, as well as packages that are ready for shipment.

Are you starting to get a little panicky yet?  How exactly are you going to do it all?

Enter the concept of Packaging on Demand.  This concept is one that creates the package as you need it, rather than relying on traditional packaging methods.

[The] Pack and Guard® line of cohesive materials (aka: cold seal) is manufactured to provide a lower cost solution to increase packaging throughput. In addition, you have the ability to customize the package to be yours with color, style and printing. These pressure sensitive products can eliminate the need for hand packed boxes, cartons, bubble, and padded mailers and are used in manual or automated packaging operations.

Ideal for eRetailers from book publishers and beauty products to automotive, carpentry, and industrial parts, this Packaging on Demand process can allow for the packing of up to 30 shipments a minute.  And the ROI is substantial because of the increase in throughput and the significant decrease in shipping costs based on the new dim weight changes.

Consider this specific example: One company packaging a little over 2 million cell phone accessories a year discovered their ROI for this Packaging on Demand process in less than 2 months!Cohesive-Package-with-Tear-Strip

  • Total Investment Cost: $114,000
  • Annual Labor Savings: $330k (displaces 15 packers)
  • Annual Material Savings: $95k ($0.045 per pack)
  • Total Annual Savings: $425k
  • Payback: approx. 2 months

If you’re interested in seeing results like this, contact us.  With over 40 years of experience in packaging and partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we are your partner in productivity.  Let us be your guide.

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