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Companies industry wide are considering packaging process automation to speed up their businesses operations, however not every company is making the most of their automated packaging solutions. The success of packaging automation results from the elimination of extraneous processes. Finding the right packaging solution takes more than finding the right materials or machines, it takes a knowledge of the industry it will serve.

A packaging solution fit for an industry

Knowledge of industry necessary

There are a number of packaging procedures that are definitive to marked industries. Packaging World explains that in order to remain competitive, many manufacturing companies do not disclose how they conduct their business with one another. Conversely, other industries may operate on a “one-size fits all” type of packaging model.

The news source notes that  the best way for companies to get the most out of their operation is to be aware of what makes their product unique. Different businesses use a variety of materials in the assembly of their products coupled by a range of techniques thus package requirements will certainly differ significantly. The packaging automation process, to ensure success, should include the insight of an engineer or team of product developers to ensure compliance and implementation are comprehensively evaluated – and done so with the experience and expertise of the respective departments within the supply chain.

Changing demands of beverage industry

Various package solution demands can be recognized across markets. The packaging within the bottling industry, for example, employs various shrink film applications which can range from printed and colored films to bundling applications designed for specific case quantity.

Finding the right packaging solution takes more than finding the right materials or machines, it takes a knowledge of the industry it will serve.

A recent report from the Freedonia Group points out that the use of materials such as polyethylene terephthalate containers and new products such as “ready-to-drink” teas are currently shaping the market. These single-serving containers are reaching new demographics and dictating how companies need to package their product in order to effectively meet consumer demand. The Freedonia Group anticipates beverage containers to grow by 1.7 annually through 2017 approaching 265 billion units.

Sustainable packaging solutions

An increased influence prominent within manufacturing communities is the incorporation of quantifiable sustainability processes. The Freedonia Group report predicts that the market for glass bottles will likewise escalate with the economy as more people elect to purchase more expensive, bottled beer in lieu of canned beer.

Packaging solutions will vary from industry to industry regardless of the product manufactured. Vital market success is contingent on promoting the sui generous quality of the goods and applying packaging solutions tailored toward prominent consumer demand.

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