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Boxes & Corrugated Sheets

boxes & corrugated sheets - IPS Packaging

Packaging is more than just the box. But Boxes & Corrugated Sheets are an important part of the shipping process. Learn everything you need to know including flute structures, box types, terms, and how to measure boxes.

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Bubble Packaging

Bubble Packaging - IPS Packaging

Bubble Packaging is used for applications like blocking and bracing, containment, cushioning, void fill, and more. The light-weight, all-purpose material is great alternative to other protective packaging materials.

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Cornerboard and edge protection - IPS Packaging

Cornerboards are protective packaging for your products and are an ideal way to protect them during storage or shipment. These products protect your cargo from dents, strapping, stretch film, and other shipping and handling damage.

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Dunnage Air bags

Dunnage Air Bags - IPS Packaging

Dunnage Air Bags are the key to protecting truckloads during the shipping and receiving process. Learn how to use air bags, about the dunnage process, benefits, and total cost of damage.

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Foam & Cushioning

Foam packaging - IPS Packaging

Available in a variety of sizes, Foam & Cushioning is one of the most versatile protective materials available. Foam forms around products to provide cushioning during the shipping stage. Foam comes in rolls, sheets, pouches, and more.

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Labels - IPS Packaging

From thermal transfer, to inventory, to pre-printed, Labels are everywhere. Get up to speed on the different types and ways to use labels for your business. We have resources on all your label needs.

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Mailers - IPS Packaging

Streamline your shipping process with Mailers. Learn about the different type of mailers, how to make sure your products will fit, and more on our customized mailers. Should you be using mailers to safely ship your products? Find out here.

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Plastic Sheeting & Industrial Films

Plastic sheeting & Industrial films - IPS Packaging

Plastic Sheeting is resistant to chemicals, waterproof, and rot proof. Used in a variety of applications, it is common to protect products from environmental effects like moisture, heat, and exposure to chemicals.

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Poly Bags

Poly Bags - IPS Packaging

Poly bags are a cost-effective way to package your products safely. Learn the proper way to measure a poly bag, materials used to make these bags, as well as considerations when purchasing poly bags.

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Shrink Film

Shrink Film - IPS Packaging

Shrink Film forms a tightly fitted protective wrapping around products. Plastic film is wound around products and then shrunk by heat to form a seal. There are many uses for shrink, but it is commonly found in the food industry.

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Strapping - IPS Packaging

Strapping plays an important part in any business that plans to do a lot of shipping. If you need information on the classic strength and reliability of polyester, poly, and steel strapping… we’ve got you covered.

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Stretch Film

Stretch Film - IPS Packaging

Wondering how to choose the right stretch film? Deciding what you require of the stretch film determines the type, grade, and performance characteristics required of the stretch film.

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Tape - IPS Packaging

Learn about the different types of tapes we carry and top brands of packaging tape. 3M and tesa, carton sealing and masking tape and more, make sure you’re using the right tape to ensure safe shipment of your products.

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VCI Packaging

VCI Packaging - IPS Packaging

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, chemicals that are added to help prevent rust. It’s most important for products that could rust are protected using VCI packaging. Protect your metal materials against corrosion with VCI.

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