Boxes & Corrugated Sheets

How to Measure Corrugated Boxes How to Measure
We have put together a helpful guide for finding the dimensions of boxes.

Boxes & Corrugated Terms Terms
Do you know the difference between an A and E Flute? We have gathered the most used terms in corrugation and defined them.

Box Types Box Types
Information and description of the many box types offered.

What Do I Need? What Do I Need?
Does your shipping container need to be insulated or not? Would bulk cargo containers work for your application?

Poly Bag TermsCompression Requirements
If the compression strength and distribution environment is known, the stacking strength can be estimated.

Types Flutes Structure
Architects have known for thousands of years that an arch with the proper curve is the best way to span a given space.

Wall Types
IPS Packaging provides a detailed overview of shrink wrap and the shrink wrapping process.
Rules & Regulations
Detailed rules and regulations organized by shipping type.
Interior Forms
Information on the multiple interior forms available in corrugation.
Manufacturer’s Joint
A look at the different types of corrugated joints.
Understanding Dimensional Weight
Useful information on how to find the dimensional weight of your packages.