Edge Protectors & Cornerboard

Cornerboard - what is it? What Is Cornerboard?
Cornerboard’s solid fiber construction gives additional protection from forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area.

Case Study: Honeycomb Case Study: Honeycomb
Honeycomb is a rugged, cost-effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material that has proven ideal for many damage prevention uses.

Edge Protection Edge Protection
Discover the difference between machine grade and standard edge protection.

Maximize Packaging Protection and Support
Cornerboard values, applications, and measuring.
Angleboard Edge Protection
Learn about the whole line of Angleboard products.
Edgeboard Case Study
How damage rates are improved with the right edge-protection.
Less is More when it comes to Edge Protection
Get the best performance from your edge protection while cutting costs.
Angleboard Importance in Packaging
Angleboard basics and the key to stacking strength.