Tape Tape
IPS carries highly renowned brands when it comes to tape; you’ll know you are getting a quality product when you can choose between 3M, Intertape, Tesa, and Central!

3M Tape 3M Tape
IPS is your number one supplier for 3M tapes or abrasives! Discover the options!

With a brand like TESA, you can’t go wrong! IPS is your main supplier of Tesa fastening tapes, packagins tapes, and masking tapes!

Choosing the right packaging tape
How to choose the right tape for your application.
Water Activated Tape 
So, WHAT is the big idea about WAT?
Masking tape for painting jobs
The right masking tape for every painting application.
Protect against shipping damage with the right tape
Proper packaging tape can help ensure a safer shipment.