What is VCI?

What Is VCI?
VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. Papers and films treated with engineered chemicals safely protect metals from corrosion.

VCI Impregnated Foam

VCI Foam
IPS impregnated VCI foams and bubbles protect precision machined parts and are highly sensitive electronic components.

VCI Emitters and Inserts

VCI Emitters
IPS VCI inserts provide exceptional absorption and will even reach recessed areas.

VCI Film from IPS Packaging

VCI Film
Our VCI films have all the advantages of our VCI paper with the added benefits that always come with films,

VCI Papers from IPS Packaging

VCI Paper
VCI papers provide oxidization protection in several different applications.

Military Approved VCI Packaging

VCI Military Approved Packaging
Military grades are on the U.S. Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL).