Paper Bubble Mailers

Paper Bubble Mailers

We are proud to offer a full line of Kraft Airjacket paper bubble mailers that are unique, light-weight and protective. This white or golden kraft paper is then laminated to a resilient interior bubble material. This kraft paper, bubble combination allows for effective cushioning protection. The Kraft Airjacket paper bubble mailers are constructed with a bottom fold and strong side heat seals for uncompromised bursting strength for added protection. Kraft paper creates a polished and professional appearance that will showcase your company in a positive light and project the ideal image of your company’s name and reputation to your customers and potential clientele. Our paper bubble mailers feature a pressure sensitive self-seal adhesive closure system that is reliable, tamper-evident and super easy to use. These paper bubble mailers are ideal for the shipment of CDs, DVDs, books, jewelry and pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. Mailers are available in golden or white kraft paper. Our paper bubble mailers have a great variety of applications as an industrial packaging product.

Increase your brand awareness by customizing your package with our six color printing capabilities enabling us to print even the most complex designs.

Closure System
Pressure sensitive (self-seal) adhesive closure is reliable and tamper-evident. Release liner peels off quickly. Easy to load contents and seal package when the packing process needs to be fast and efficient.

Kraft Airjackets are made with white or golden kraft paper. The paper is laminated to a resilient interior bubble material for effective cushioning. The kraft paper creates the professional image you are looking for and is a great alternative to boxes. Effective protection for your documents and valuable products. Enhances your corporate image and customer perception of your product(s).

Side pouch heat seal and bottom fold construction offers superior bursting strength. Your contents will remain secure from the point of origin to its destination.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment. Our “Total Quality Management” system with the right equipment and engineering support to do the job ensures high quality Kraft Airjackets from start to finish.


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