Adhesive bubble protective packaging can be used to protect surfaces against mechanical damage and when painting. It has all the advantages of the air bubble film and is easily applicable. The adhesive layer on the film enables attaching it to any smooth surface and leaves no traces after removal of the film. This product is supplied in rolls.

Adhesive bubble protective packaging conforms to unusual shapes to provide total surface protection. It is easy to remove and leaves no residue so there is no clean up required. Adhesive bubble protective packaging provides complete coverage of product and is tear and puncture resistant, protects from dirt, grease and moisture. Bubble adhesive wrap is available in 3/16 in., 5/16 in., and ½ in., bubble thickness.

Ideal Applications:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Major Appliances
  • Coated/Finished Metal
  • Fixtures
  • Automotive Parts

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