A Versatile Air Cushioning Packaging Solution for Small Businesses

air cushioning packaging AIRmove2

Whether you're just starting out, or tailor to the small-business market, the AIRmove2 can supply all of your air cushioning packaging needs. Redesigned from the AIRmove1, the AIRmove2 is designed to fit any workstation for an especially quick and direct application at the point of packaging, streamlining the shipping process. Protect your products with the right type of air cushioning for wrapping, cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void filling.

  • 14.3 lbs
  • Transport speed of ~33 lin. feet per minute
  • Time-Out function
  • Wall mounting kit for maximized workstation space
  • Clear text arrangement for multiple installation positions
  • Available accessories: foot pedal or hand button
  • New, high performance blower specially designed in Europe
  • High-quality double Teflon belt
  • Exchangeable injector unit
  • Smart roll orientation of 45 degrees

Three Types of Film for Your Convenience

Most noteworthy, the AIRmove2 offers three air cushioning packaging films to cover a wide range of packaging needs. The versatility of the machine allows air cushioning to be created quickly and directly at the point of packaging. As a vendor shipping your ceramic vase to New York, the Bubble M film would safely wrap and protect your fragile items. In addition, if you're sending out a stack of your debut EPs to a record label, Void S film would protect the items from movement.  Furthermore, say you're selling your old coffee pot online to get some quick cash , Cushion M film will block and brace the contents throughout the shipping process. In conclusion, whatever your need is in the shipping process, there's a film available for you on the AIRmove2.

  • Bubble M - used for wrapping small and fragile items
  • Void S - used for filling empty spaces in boxes to protect from movement
  • Cushion M - used to cushion larger or delicate items

    air cushioning packaging solutions Available Films for the AIRmove2

Final Thoughts

Weighing just under 15lbs, the AIRmove is the most versatile air cushioning packaging system currently on the market. This innovative machine features quiet operation, a clear-text arrangement, three types of air cushioning film, and also, additional accessories available to control film output. With the touch of a button, variables such as film type, speed, air fill, and timed programs can be customized to give the right amount of cushion every time.

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