Positive ROI in just a few months.

An internet-based distributor experienced a shift in distribution that nearly doubled the number of orders placed every day. Hand erecting cartons was no longer practical to handle the increased amount of orders. They asked IPS Packaging on suggestions for purchasing a semi-automated or fully automated case erector for their expanding operations.

Their new system, automatically selects, erects, and seals the bottom flaps of RSC and HSC cases at speeds up to 16 cases per minute. The case erector uses a dual opposing vacuum case opening system to make certain each case is opened positively from both sides, without any jams or delays. Because of the addition of packaging equipment, the company was able to handle the influx of orders, as well as increase production quality and time. They got back a positive ROI for their packaging equipment purchase, lowering their production costs.

• Positive dual opposing vacuum case opening
• Compact footprint
• High quality components
• Operator friendly
• Heavy-duty construction
• 3 wide tape dispenser

This equipment has the ability to form and seal corrugated trays, cases and boxes in a wide range of styles and sizes, and can be used for packaging needs in any industry.”

Total Packaging Cost Summary:

» Speed - Up to 16 cases per minute
» Sustainability - Easy maintenance
» Reliability - High quality components

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