IPS Packaging’s SuperFlow Air Bag is a Fast, Easy and Cost Effective System for Reducing Load Damage.

IPS Packaging’s SuperFlow system efficiently secures loads in trailers, railcars, vessels and ocean containers. Its reusable design enables you to maximize your load securement dollars by reusing the same air bag multiple times where allowable. It’s also 100% recyclable, making it the environmentally friendly choice for securing your loads.

Dunnage air bags were the best decision I made to reducing my damage in transit.

SuperFlow Air Bags are Fast

  • A 48” x 48” air bag can be inflated in only 8 seconds.
  • The SuperFlow inflator is unique, utilizing both compressed and ambient air (Venturi Effect), enabling it to achieve unparalleled inflation speeds.
  • The large diameter of our patented valve significantly reduces inflation and deflation time.
  • The patented valve design allows the blue valve flapper to be manually depressed and locked open for fast deflation.
  • The inflator and valve are quickly connected and securely interlocked to prevent air loss.

SuperFlow Air Bags are Consistent

  • By setting the desired pressure on the air line regulator, you can achieve consistent inflation. No more over-inflated or under-inflated air bag.
  • Once the desired level of air pressure has been achieved, the SuperFlow inflator ceases to inflate the air bag. This reverses the air flow and redirects it out the back of the inflator. This also indicates to the operator that the bag is properly inflated, preventing over-inflation.
  • The SuperFlow air bag prevents load shifting, reducing the risk of load damage and operator injuries. The Zebra stripes on the air bag help operators to determine whether the correct air bag size is being used in the void, ensuring maximum load security.

Reduce Your Packaging Cost Per Load by Reusing the SuperFlow Air Bag

SuperFlow Air Bags are Reusable
  • By pushing our unique, patented blue valve flapper, operators can quickly deflate the air bag and store it for reuse.
SuperFlow Air Bags are Cost Effective
  • The SuperFlow air bag can be used multiple times, significantly reducing the cost per use.
  • The SuperFlow air bag can be inflated in less than half the time of the competition, enabling your operators to spend less time securing loads. This improves your operation’s efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Quick deflation reduces labor costs at the receiving end.

SuperFlow Air Bag System Details

The Valve

  • Large diameter opening enables quick inflation.
  • Blue flap depresses for rapid deflation.
  • Easy to lock/unlock cap prevents air loss and eliminates the pulling, pushing or twisting typically required to seal other valves.

The Inflation

  • Revolutionary design prevents over-inflation.
  • Eliminates risk of the bag bursting during inflation.

The Air Bag

  • Manufactured with high-quality kraft paper.
  • Zebra stripes allow operators to determine whether the bag is the correct size for the void.
  • Braces your load, creating a bulkhead to ensure optimum load security.

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