Poly bag solutions in packaging

Customized solutions: every packaging process is different. You've probably heard it a million times before, but have you seen actual examples? In these case studies, we're taking a look at custom poly bags. Sometimes that fix ends up being a product the customer may not know about. Other times, it's a little more complex.

Packaging Problem:


A manufacturer of roofing tile was using a LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) bag to package their individual tiles. They would then then stack the bags on skids for stretch wrapping and shipment. To increase packing efficiency, the poly bags were high slip, making it easy to pack the tiles inside the bag. This made the tiles high slip on the outside too, causing stacking issues. However, when the bag specifications were changed to a lower slip level, customers were experiencing blocking issues and the bags would become much more difficult to open. The manufacturer came to us for results to their complicated problem.

Packaging Solution:

HDPE Poly BagIPS Packaging was able to provide Tri-extruded, differential slip poly bags. We used HDPE (High-density polyethylene) on the inside layer of the bag, and medium slip LLDPE on the outside of the bag. The HDPE material on the inside allows the bag to be loaded very easily. The medium slip LLDPE on the outside layer helps to keep the load stabilized. The LLDPE also added tear resistance and the HDPE added tensile strength and puncture resistance and. Now that the bag was stronger, it was easier to load with medium slip to stabilize the skid was the result. Customers could now easily open the bags, satisfaction was up.


To protect large, high-end, polished tool chests from scratching and dirt, this manufacturer covers the chest with a poly bag. Since added anti-block additives to the poly bag causes surface abrasion, they weren't used in the original order of the bags. This made it very difficult to open them. The bags also caused marks and scratches on the product, much to the dismay of the manufacturer and their customers.

We provided a new proprietary LLDPE-HSB formula with specially engineered additives that eliminates abrasion and scratching while at the same time allowing the large bags to be opened easily. Like we said earlier, sometimes a fix can be a little more complicated. We understand this industry because, well, we've been in this industry for a while. Since 1976 we've provided our customers with solutions that they've come to expect from us.

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