We all know about the types of poly and plastic bags that are out there. But have you read about how they can be cost-effective materials to help better protect your products? These two case studies point out how IPS Packaging offered a poly bag solution to our customers. Two different industries; food and automotive. Both had different obstacles that we helped them hurdle using custom poly bags.

Meat PackerA large-scale meat packer was using an LLDPE poly bag to line their corrugated containers during the blast freeze operation. They wanted to increase the strength of the bag and provide barrier protection against freezer burn while at the same time reducing the cost of the LLDPE liners.

We were able to provide a three-layer Tri-extruded bag that utilized a different polyethylene resin in each layer. The proprietary layer was designed to decrease the moisture vapor transmissions and to increase the overall strength of the bag. The lighter weight, premium resins increased freezer protection for the meat and reduced the overall costs. We came up with a poly bag solution that the customer didn't know was out there. The Tri-extruded bag was a better fit for the problem faced. It fixed their freezer burn problem at the same time, lowered the cost of the poly bags.


A large manufacturer of auto parts required a cost reduction for their LLDPE bags. These bags were being used to package their non-critical parts. Their HDPE bags were being used to protect parts with "Class A" surfaces during shipment and eventual installation on the cars.

We were able to provide thinner yet stronger Co-Extruded LLDPE bags for non-critical parts where increasing tear strength was the most important factor. We also provided a HDPE-HSB formulation for the type "Class A" auto parts. This reduces surface abrasion yet increases tensile strength. Puncture resistance also gets better, while keeping the bag lightweight. Both bags are more thin, strong, and cost effective. The distributor was then able to reduce the costs to their customer while still improving their profit margins. Better protective packaging equals less loss of product. The correct poly bags were the solution this customer needed to fix their packaging problems.


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