Foam packing systems

There's many needs to fill with foam in place packing (foam in place), whether its protective void-fill, blocking and bracing, cushioning, or pre-molded pads. No matter what your application is, packaging foam in place provides the most cost-effective and time-efficient technology to improve your process. Foam in place packing puts a protective mold around your products to keep them being damaged during shipping. There's several improvements that these systems do to your packaging operation.

Foam in place packaging improvements:

  • Containment- Applications that need support and padding during shipping will be safely contained with foam in place.
  • Cushioning- Prevent damage with internal cushioning that eliminates shock and vibration.
  • Void-fill- These foam in place packing systems are fast, sustainable, and easy to use for the operator.
  • Block and bracing- Customizable solutions to what you need in protective packaging materials.
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Foam in place packaging equipment

There's several of these protective packaging systems that make securing your products easy and more cost-effective. The SmartBagger, SmartSHOT, and SmartSHOT Hybrid are the systems we'll discuss here.

foam packing systemsIntellipack SmartBagger system

  • Easy to replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors
  • long lasting mixing module
  • intuitive control panel
  • Maxwell interface provides a personalized and custom options for your applications.
  • Telemetry
  • Bar-coding

foam packing systemsIntellipack SmartSHOT system

  • Tapered dispenser
  • Heated dispenser minimizes cold-shots, insulated handle stays cool
  • Long lasting mixing module
  • Telemetry
  • Bar-coding

Foam packing equipmentIntellipack SmartSHOT Hybrid system

  • Hybrid bag stand creates a hand held/bagger machine- all in one
  • Package a wide variety of products with one piece of equipmnet
  • Telemetry
  • Bar-coding


Proactive preventative maintenance and remote monitoring


Dispense the optimal amount of foam packaging

Maxwell intelligent interface

Maxwell Foam-in-Place UIMaxwell is the ‘smart’ feature available on the SmartBagger foam in place packing machine that empowers the user with the touch of a finger. The intelligent interface has an intuitive touchscreen design that maximizes productivity and the overall wellness of your packaging operation.

  • Add videos or photos for training and troubleshooting to make life easier for your operators
  • Virtually unlimited barcoding ability
  • Connects to wireless and cellular networks
  • Preset “sheets” for unlimited number of preset bag sizes
  • Easy to sort data includes a description and drop down list

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