Labels can be attached by

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (also called PSA or self-stick) are applied with light pressure without activation or heat. PSA labels often have release liners which protect the adhesive and assist label handling.
  • Heat activated adhesives: for example, "in-mold labeling" can be part of blow molding containers and employs heat activated adhesives.
  • Wet glue (starch, dextrin, PVA, etc) or water moistenable gummed adhesive
  • String or Twine for tying on a label
  • Rivets used to attach information plates to industrial equipment
  • Shrink wrap for printed shirinkable labels placed over packages and then submitted to heat for shrinkage
  • Sewing for clothing, tents, mattresses, industrial sacks, etc

Adhesive types

  • Permanent: Typically these adhesives are not designed to be removed without tearing the stock, damaging the surface, or using solvents. Most of the time, the adhesion strength and speed can be varied. Full adhesion can vary from time to time. It can happen in nearly an instant, or the label can remain removable for a short period of time, allowing full adhesion to take place within a few minutes or hours.
  • Removable: These types of labels are fairly strong adhesive labels that will not fall off in regular circumstances, however, the label can be removed easily without tearing the base stock or leaving adhesive residue on surfaces. Typically, after use, this adhesive is strong enough to be applied somewhere else.

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