*Updated on 12-19-17

Six Benefits of Outsourcing your Packaging Engineering Projects

Time reduction to market

In today’s growing world of ecommerce and instant information and process fulfillment, companies are challenged to meet the requirements within their business plan or business imperative. Outsourcing your package engineers can improve your time to market. A qualified packaging professional with expertise within your field can identify and address the essentials to deliver your product to the marketplace.
A qualified engineer with the experience, focus and industry resources may be lacking or in short supply within your company.

The outsourced professional should be hired with the expectation that the following essentials are acknowledged:

  • Packaging design requirements and qualification
  • Packaging system,labeling and application analysis
  • Evaluation of similar or competing products and procedures
  • Distribution, storage and handling
  • prototype development
  • Stability and compatibility testing, validation and real-time aging
  • Package system performance and package integrity audits

An outsourced packaging engineer following these guidelines will ensure compliance and complete implementation analysis.

Cost savings through package engineers outsourcing

Experienced, well-trained and motivated full-time employees are valuable assets to any company. There are however significant costs associated within the process of identifying, recruiting, compensating and training these employees. Likewise there is also a cost related to not employing the correct personnel within the required timeline. The lost time working on the solution based project represents both market opportunity and investor commitment loss. Outsourced employees and services provide experienced, focused resources typically within short notice. The value proposition is immediate access to talent and delivered results.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ~Albert Einstein

Innovation and design excellence of the package engineer

Outsourced package engineering services are established by tenured industry professionals. These professionals have commonly worked for extensive periods in various industries for multiple employers and have the expertise to accomplish your goals.

Effective solution based packaging proficiency

As quoted from Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Many companies search outside of their own team for this very reason.

The advantage? Immediate contact with a package engineer, continuously driven to new technology and commitment to service improvements.

The end result? Efficient and on-time contact with a range of packaging and process solutions.

Regulatory compliance expertise

An individual with proficiency in package system compliance is vital to the success of the packaging program. Compliance includes each process within the supply chain including:

  • Package design
  • Development and qualification of materials/designs
  • Process workflow

Extended sourcing network, including rapid prototyping

Outsourced package engineers can contribute both the technology and knowledge that will bring life to your project and improve the expediency of venture achievement. A team of engineers that can offer both rapid package prototyping services while addressing each of the essential process audits above can significantly advance the quality and innovation of the comprehensive result.

These six benefits of outsourcing your package engineering activities demonstrate the distinct benefits stemming from a contract packaging team. Outsourcing your package development does not indicate released control or divulged company information. Instead it demonstrates firm recognition of superior efficiency through the employment of a package engineering team.

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*Editors note. This post was originally published on October 18, 2013 and has been updated with the most up to date content.