Pallets - state of the lumber market

A look into the lumber industry

With the volatility of the lumber market being as unstable as it has been in years, pallet prices are continuing to rise. In fact, some lumber is more difficult to locate and purchase because of shortages in the industry.

Prices hit an all time high in June, 2018 - the highest numbers we've seen since 1997. With the hurricane season on the horizon, the market will stay volatile through the fall.

pallet yardIndustry insight - We've seen instances where product is so scarce, that lumber mills are unable to get wood themselves. The whole industry is effected and it’s trickling down to our customers.

Pallet solutions

IPS Packaging has specialized resources for the development of pallet specific solutions. Customize your pallet design with recycled material, rearranging boards, modifying board thickness, or optimized type and placement of fasteners to reduce cost or increase capacity of current designs.

Our team will assess your pallet process and optimize your ROI. Price changes are happening fast, even daily.
With IPS Packaging you’ll stay ahead of the curve during these erratic market conditions.

How we'll help

Everyone uses them in their shipping program. If you're using stretch wrap or strapping, chances are you're also using pallets. Because they are an afterthought for many, they tend to end up being a significant expenditure. But they don't have to be. With over 40 years experience, as well as dedicated, highly trained, and knowledgeable Packaging Engineers on staff, we’ve had enormous success in standard pallet, custom pallet, and crate implementation.

Engineered solutions: Our Engineering team will work with you to help reduce wood consumption where possible. We’ll provide the same pallet stability using less materials.

Green initiatives: Go green by using re-purposed woods to produce more eco-friendly options. 0% waste goes to landfill.

Order volume: We'll look for ways to improve the way you order lumber.

Pallet redesign: Engineers can redesign pallets, resulting in material cost savings.

Recycled materials: Recycled materials support sustainability initiatives.

new pallet

Things to consider

With the lumber market continuing to trend negatively, it's important to know where you stand. IPS Packaging can fix your pallet process to be a more efficient, cost-saving operation.

  • Does your company have green or sustainable initiatives?
  • Are you maximizing your full potential with those initiatives?
  • Can IPS help you?

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