What is chipboard used for?

ChipboardCorrugated Sheets can be used as a pallet stabilizer and protection for products. When compared to corrugated sheets, it's less expensive, lightweight and reusable. It's a great alternative for pallet stabilization if you're looking to reduce costs. We've had many companies come to us looking for a way to reduce material costs and not know where to look. This is a great place to start because there's many benefits to using it on your pallets.

Chipboard benefits:

  • Reduce material cost
  • Space saver in warehouse
  • Increases load stability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable
  • Readily obtainable
  • Cost savings
  • Multiple sizes available

7X more chipboard

Switch from corrugated sheets to save up to 50%

Chipboard pallet stabilizerTime for a real-life example of actual cost savings.

Problem: A company was using corrugated divider sheets and was looking for a cheaper alternative. The corrugated dividers were stabilizing the pallet and protecting their products from damage during storage and transit.

Solution: In order to save money, IPS Packaging suggested the customer switch to chipboard instead of the corrugated dividers. Remember: it's less expensive, lightweight, and a reusable substitute. The company was still getting the same amount of protection and stabilization at a lower cost to them.

Result: The company was impressed with the performance and durability of the chipboard, but they really loved the savings. They were getting a 35% savings over the previous material just by switching products.