Why is accountability important?

We live in a fairly litigious society; everyone desires that accountability  to protect themselves and their products. Commerce and trade make up a big part of all of our lives. So it should surprise no one that the safety of your products being shipped has become an even greater concern.  Businesses have divested their interests and products have to get from point A to point B in one piece.

Shockwatch products detect and record impacts and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transportation or storage. ShockWatch products detect and record impacts and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transportation or storage.

Calculating the actual costs

There are many other factors that you need to consider when you are thinking about the "true loss" of products lost or delayed in transit.

Costs of lost product:

The actual costs of "lost product" are huge. Much more than even the product that is out there and is no longer salable or no longer in your possession, you need to think about the other factors at play.  Consider the following steps:

  • Cost to reproduce the same goods
  • Lost packaging
  • Paying for the shipment of the lost and next product
  • Lost revenue from other sources while you're remaking that product

...and you will begin to see a complete picture of "cost."

Costs of waiting:

Taking into account that you're not making money on this lost product, there is the downtime involved.  Sometimes the waiting game between replaced product and claim resolution is a matter of days or longer. Can you afford to sit on hold for months?

ShockWatch is a tool with one real purpose; to ensure that your products arrive safely and to ensure that your boxes are handled cleanly.

The reality of damaged goods 

In an ideal world we would be able to know exactly when something happened and how it happened. With the advances in video technology we are getting closer to that reality. Unfortunately in the world of shipping and transport, there are not cameras everywhere, all of the time.  Still it's important for you or your customers to be able to say what happened as soon as possible.

Even if your customers are able to inspect the boxes straight off the truck, that doesn't mean that your product will have made it to them in one piece. Concealed damage is maybe the most troubling type of damages which are made. If you have sensitive contents even the slightest movements can cause major damage. Protecting yourself and your products becomes imperative for brand confidence.

The fact is that your products can be shuffled, moved, pushed, crushed, dropped, thrown, or mishandled when they are not in your presence. So affording yourself the ability to apply that accountability to the wayyour products are handled, is imperative . When you have a measurable, verifiable method of being able to point to where your products were or conversely, were not okay then you are much better able to  pinpoint the time of damage.

Shockwatch:  assigning packaging accountability

What it is:

ShockWatch products alert your shippers that your packages must be watched and cared for as they leave your care. ShockWatch not only enables you to see who has mishandled your products, it also acts as a deterrent for negligent handling of your product in the first place. When people see the ShockWatch insignia they know that they and their movements are being watched.

ShockWatch is a tool with one real purpose; to ensure that your products arrive safely and to ensure that your boxes are handled cleanly. ShockWatch is a device that can tell you when and where your boxes were mishandled. It is this indisputable evidence which keeps box handlers on guard and keeps product manufacturers in the clear when there is any type of dispute to who handled what incorrectly. Take your ShockWatch indicator back in time to see where your box was when it was mishandled.

Shockwatch Impact Indicators

ShockWatch Impact Indicators: These impact indicators are a powerful deterrent for people handling your packages. The impact indicators are activated when a predetermined level of handling has occurred. The three types of indicators include:

  • Labels
  • ShockWatch 2
  • Mag 2000

All three of these distinct indicators provide different uses for different products. The first two offer single use while the Mag 2000 is a resettable device best used on larger crates.

ShockWatch Labels are each different colors, corresponding to the different levels of intensity that you need for your packaging. If you need your packaging to be handled with the utmost care, ShockWatch can provide that accountability. If your boxes just need to be handled gingerly and not tossed about, ShockWatch has a label for that.

The ShockWatch labels, like the bright yellow ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator for example, remains visible for all who handle your box. If there is some type of force beyond what would be considered a reasonable impact, the ShockWatch indicator will turn a bright red, thus alerting both the carrier and the recipient that the package has been mishandled.

At the end of the day, all of these ShockWatch products enable the shipping originator to determine when mishandling occurred. This type of omnipotent control means that you will always be in the know on the status of your packages. If there is ever any type of doubt, all one need do is check in with the ShockWatch label. This type of power affords customers who have been wronged some type of recourse for their packages in the event of damage done and claims filed.

  • ShockWatch Tilt Indicators: The ShockWatch Tilt Indicators are a revolutionary tool which enables users to know when their box reached an unacceptable level of tilt. This indisputable evidence can be used in order to nail down accusations of mishandling.
  • ShockWatch Impact Recorders: If your product is large and delicate you can't afford to be without a tool like the ShockWatch Impact Recorders. The ShockWatch Impact Recorders allow users to be informed of shock, vibration, and any type of environmental disruption which is not in accordance with the terms of their shipment agreement.  Temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, roll, and so many other things are what the ShockWatch Impact Recorders are able to constantly monitor and report back.
  • Temperature Indicators: Even something as benign as temperature can be a big deal for your products, especially if you work in the food industry. If you are shipping something which needs to be kept at a constant temperature then you really can't afford not to have these temperature indicators as a part of your tool chest. Whether it is something as seemingly nonchalant as reduced product shelf life or it is something even more damaging like requiring you to incur repackaging costs or total product replacement, the ShockWatch Temperature Indicators can tell that tale.

ShockWatch Impact Indicators, Tilt Indicators, and Temperature Indicators are all useful tools when you are shipping products which have to arrive as they were sent. If you have been having issues with your products shelf life or if your products have been arriving shoddy and beat up Shockwatch can give you that accountability along its transportation.

What ShockWatch Means for Your Business:

In business some would say that all that really matters is the bottom line, but is that really true? If your products are shipped and received as compromised because of mishandling, is that really the only thing that's important?

Your brand identity and your product integrity are only things that you can control when your products are in your hands. Why would you leave any of that up to chance? There is an interesting fragment which no one will really tell you about, and that is the costs of your products behind mishandled in shipment. Yes, there are the costs including the price you paid for the products shipped, the packaging, production, and labor which went into those products. However reproducing and delivering that product will also cost you lost time doubly, thus taking time and resources away from future product production. Does that deliver the efficiency you're looking to create in your business?

ShockWatch is the choice of all consumers who want to protect their goods, protect their brand reputation and protect the good name that they have worked to attain. How much do you care for your brand?