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Beverage industry eliminates RSC shipping cases for cost effective shrink wrapping

beverage industry shrink wrappingIn order to cut the cost of RSC master shipping cases, beverage industries have turned to tray-supported shrink wrap equipment. Shrink wrapping offers the ability to showcase items with clear polyethylene film that is about half the cost of traditionally used RSC cases.

The Brandpac BPTW-5400 is meant to meet the demands for medium to high volume beverage industries. With its versatile continuous motion bottom overlap, it is the frontrunner of tray shrink wrapping systems. Depending on the height and weight of the product, the Brandpac BPTW-5400 can shrink wrap up to 65 packs per minute, resulting in around 26,000 packs per day. The Brandpac BPTW-5400 series allows products to be showcased through clear film with accurate placement of graphics and logos on each package. This aesthetic forum for retail marketing comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional paperboard packaging and the finished product is easy to carry and attractive for customers.

“...allows products to be showcased through clear film with accurate placement of graphics and logos on each package.”

Brandpac BPTW-5400 Shrink wrapping equipment for the beverage industry

»» 60% cost savings per package

»» Attractive tray-packs for retail display

»» Wraps up to 65 packs per minute

  • Speed: Up to 65 packs per minute
  • Efficient: Continuous motion bottom overlap
  • Cost effective: Saves 18¢ per pack
  • Versatile: Adjustable flight bar for full range of product sizes

Total Packaging Cost Summary

  • Material= Saves $0.18 per package
  • Output= 65 packs per minute, equaling around 26,000 packs per day
  • Savings= Return on Investment in 8.5 weeks

*Editors note. This post was originally published on June 10, 2016 and has been updated with the most up to date content.

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