Snap On Seals

Are positioned over the overlapping strap ends during or after tensioning the strapping. Eliminates pre-threading. Speeds the strapping operation.

Thread on Seals

Must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before the tensioning tool is applied. Generally used on bales, bundles, and larger strap sizes.

Open-Flange Seals

Heavy-duty version of the snap-on seal. Requires no pre-threading.

Push-Type Seals

Used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal. Overlapping flanges withstand the increased stress.

Microgrip Seals

Are used for harsh impact applications using waxed strapping. Microgrip seals are coated inside with a high-friction grit which bites through the wax to provide maximum holding power.

IPS Also Offers a Newly-Developed Seal Type

Nestack Seals

Nestack seals are bonded by interlocking nibs. This seal allows loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed combination tools and power strapping machines.

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