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We offer information on a full line of stretch film machines. Whether you need a machine for low volume or high volume application we have a solution that is right for you.

Stretch wrappers

These operator-controlled wrappers apply much stronger prestretched plastic film to the pallet ensuring a safer stable load. Although more expensive than non-prestretch equipment, these pallet wrappers make up for it by the film economies associated with the film being stretched. Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers can wrap up to 80-100 pallets/day and require an operator to initiate the wrapping cycle, but then the machine applies the film and wraps the load as per the preset parameter.

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ITW Muller Yellow Jacket

  • Increased Security. The orbital stretch wrap machine locks any load to the pallet, throughout shipment, without requiring additional banding or strapping materials.
  • Increased Versatility. Applies stretch film to standard, oversized, and irregular shaped loads with no weight restrictions.
  • Increased Safety. The orbital stretch wrapper eliminates the manual jerky, side-to-side movements that often lead to back injuries and increased worker compensation claims while also eliminating injuries associated with metal banding.

 MSK Tensiontech

  • High packaging flexibility
  • Optimum load stability
  • Customizable to stretch beneath a pallet or as a steady belt around the pallet
  • Reduced transport and storage damage
  • Great display effect with excellent protection against dirt and moisture

ITW Muller Cobra Plus

The ITW Muller Cobra Plus wraps up to 35 loads per hour with a pre-stretch up to 260%. This piece of equipment is designed for pallet wrapping heavy loads, and unstable loads. It uses a rotary arm to rotate the film carriage around the loads, pulling stretch film around it.

Loads/Hr: up to 35
Max Load Height: 86" (std), 99 or 113" (opt)
Max Load Diagonal: 71" or 86" (std)
Load Weight: unlimited
Prestretch: up to 260%

ORION Sentry Stretch Machine

The ORION Sentry semi-automatic stretch wrapper is designed to be an entry level stretch machine. Its turntable style is designed for economical and fast unitization of pallet loads. This machine is all steel construction featuring heavy-duty components.

ORION Flex Standard LP Stretch Machine

The ORION Flex Standard stretch wrapping machine is well-suited for loading by either fork lift or by pallet jack with an available ramp option. The Flex LPS offers durability, reliability, and performance. Regardless of your product, you can assure that the pallet film wrapper can carefully and cautiously handle any materials your products are made of.

ORION Flex RTD Stretch Machine

The Rotary Tower stretch wrapper are ideal for unitizing the most difficult of loads. They're designed to rotate the film carriage around the stationary load, with no ramps required. Unlike other stretch wrappers, The ORION Flex RTD Stretch Machine doesn't have a maximum load capacity.


The ORION Flex RTA semi-automatic stretch wrapping system is the fastest and most efficient way to boost your end-of-line packaging efficiency. This machine eliminates the time-consuming need for operators to manually attach the film tail to the load.  The RTA stretch wrapper automatically performs these functions so your operators simply place the load, pull a handing lanyard to start the cycle, and attend to other duties. When they return the load is securely wrapped and ready to be removed.

Arpac Pro Series Stretch Machine

The Arpac Pro Series stretch machine is one of the most cost effective machines on the market. It's economic price still includes many of the benefits of other more expensive machines.

  • Positive home position alignment
  • Photo electric load height sensor that detects most dark colored loads
  • EZ-LOAD Powered Pre-Stretch 150-300%, 200% Standard
  • Variable carriage speed (0-21 FPM)
  • Turntable speed of 0-12 RPM adjustable
  • Carriage drive: 1/3 HP, 90 VDC motor with ANSI chain lift drive
  • Eliminates double handling
  • Easy to read LED Display

Fully Automatic Equipment

Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Fully automatic equipment DOES NOT require an operator. Running automatically, these stretch wrapping systems allow high speed operation with consistent wrapping strength. Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers are used for higher throughput or when personnel is limited. Requires no human intervention.

*Editor's note. This post was originally published on November 4, 2011 and has been updated with the most up to date content.

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