Rising labor cost, high employee turnover, and the need for faster line speeds are pushing management to automate, but end-of-line automation is an investment that can make or break your entire line.  When you're already struggling to make a profit, why you'd chose to spend money on an automated case sealer may seem like a foreign concept.ebook-blog-cta-1024x391

So, here are the 8 biggest benefits of putting the cash on the line:

#1 Case sealers increase your output

 Doing more with less is the mantra of the new American workplace.  With a case sealer at the end of your line that is sealing faster than manual sealing rates, you’re automatically doing more with less.

Faster sealing rates mean higher production output on a daily basis.

#2 Eliminate double taping and reduce your tape usage

Ever received a box at home or at your office that seems to have a dozen pieces of tape across the top to seal it?  With a case sealer, one strip of tape is applied in a consistent seal, eliminating multiple reapplications of tape that someone may add with a hand-sealer to ensure complete closure.  Think of all the tape you’re already saving.iStock_000002944682Small

#3 Eliminate uneven tape lengths and positions

By regulating the length and position of all of the tape placed on each carton, you will eliminate the wasted excess tape found on many boxes today.

#4 Case sealers enhance the look of your packaging

Without the over-taped look of many cases today, on the shelf presentation of cases sealed with a case sealer is enhanced, making your presentation much more professional looking.

#5 Increase your product's security

With more consistency comes better security; one piece of tape that has been tampered with will be much easier to spot than a box that has multiple, overlapping pieces of tape.  It will allow for increased security during transport and decrease pilferage rates.

#6 Decreases product damage

When you use staples, glue, or straps to seal cases during packaging, there is a much higher probability of damage to your products or injury to your workers.  In addition, the machines that apply glue and staples have higher maintenance costs, on average, than automated case sealers.

Case Sealer Taking the human element out of case sealing cuts down on downtime, injuries, and labor costs.

#7 Case sealers reduce employee injuries and downtime

We’ve all heard that repetitive motion can cause body strains in employees, including back, neck, and wrist strains.  By automating the case sealing process and removing employees from this work detail, you are eliminating the likelihood of fatigue, downtime, and strain injuries.

#8 Reduce worker’s compensation claims and premiums

By reducing the numbers of worker’s compensation claims due to strain injuries from repetitive motion, your company’s total premiums for worker’s compensation will also fall, saving you additional money and stress.

In today’s atmosphere of economic uncertainty, it is increasingly important to take a look at your present procedures, materials, and equipment.  By installing a case sealer at the end of your lines, you have the potential of saving thousands of dollars each year in materials and labor, while increasing your output and production quality.

IPS Packaging offers a full program of package automation.  For more information about why case sealers are key to increasing output and decreasing costs, download our free eBook.