Water activated tape (WAT) is a paper carton sealing tape (white or natural kraft) available in various widths and thicknesses and which may contain multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement.

When the adhesive is activated with water, it penetrates the carton material, forming a permanent bond with the carton. It bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces, generating an immediate, destructive bond which is what makes it a highly effective theft deterrent.

  • Secure Bond: the starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments
  • Custom Imprinting: advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers, and improve the appearance of your package with a customized look
  • All-Weather Use: water activated tape is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures unlike other tapes, meaning that it can be used in any environment without sacrificing adhesion integrity
  • Protection: a carton sealed with WAT can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal

Sometimes called paper tape, reinforced tape, gum tape, gummed tape, reinforced gummed tape (RGT), non-asphaltic tape, Kraft (non-reinforced) tape, WAT requires a dispensing machine for application; it cannot be used with a traditional hand-sealing dispenser.