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Weather Resistant Boxes

We all know that the weather is entirely out of our control. No matter how often we scan the radar or tune in to weekly forecasts, a weekend downpour may take us completely by surprise or some sudden sunshine might warm up our weekday. When it comes to the supply chain for your products, this unpredictability can occasionally cause some big hazards. If your packaging is subjected to a surprise rainstorm or excessive humidity when the climate control system in your manufacturer’s warehouse breaks down, your goods could be irreparably damaged. In the worst of cases, there may not be any way to safeguard your materials against the forces of nature, but many times there are small steps you can take to provide the ultimate protection. One such example of this is weather resistant boxes.

What are Weather Resistant Boxes?

Weather resistant boxes are corrugated cartons that have been constructed with the help of a water-resistant adhesive (WRA). Most often, corrugated boxes are made with a starch-based adhesive that holds the flutes and sheets together to form a case. In the vast majority of situations, this starch adhesive works exceptionally well, but when exposed to high volumes of humidity or moisture it won’t be able to hold up. Water-resistant adhesives are specifically designed to resist damage from many outdoor conditions, including humidity and rain.

Humidity and Corrugated Boxes

Here at IPS Packaging & Automation, we know just exactly how annoying humidity can get — we do live and work in the Southeast after all! For many people, excess humidity can make the heat feel oppressive and drive us to stay indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. When it comes to our corrugated boxes and sheets, that same humidity can have an even more dramatic impact. Standard corrugate is manufactured from wood fibers, which are unique in their ability to absorb and release moisture. A little bit of that moisture in the air can even be a good thing – it helps maintain bends in the box, can assist in preventing cracks, and creates a better cushion when impact occurs. 

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However, anything above the usual level of humidity tends to result in disaster. As humidity rises, the stacking strength of your corrugated boxes will diminish and the standard starch adhesives can break down due to their lack of moisture resistance capability. All of this leads to damaged or torn corrugate, which quickly causes broken products that cannot be used or sold. This means you need to factor in the humidity levels that your goods and packaging will experience at all points of the supply chain – from your warehouse to the shipping container to any storage facilities and all the way to the end destination.

Mil-Spec Weather Resistant Boxes

One of the other major benefits of weather resistant boxes is that they frequently meet mil spec standards and can be used for the most durable shipping and packaging requirements. There are few organizations who necessitate more secure protection for their goods than the military. Items need to arrive safely and in the exact working condition as needed, or dangerous and expensive consequences can occur. For that reason, we offer the most dependable and endurable weather resistant boxes in a variety of mil spec varieties, including ASTM-D5118 V3C boxes, ASTM-D5118 W5C boxes, and ASTM-D5118 W6C boxes. Available in an immense range of sizes, our team can ensure that these military spec boxes are water resistant and can by government organizations and more for covered indoor storage, long term inventory, and high humidity conditions.

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Weather Resistant Boxes Protect Your Bottom Line

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping your products safe during shipping, handling, and storage is absolutely essential to protecting your bottom line. Your customers need undamaged goods that perform correctly and you can provide just that with the assistance of weather resistant boxes. Safeguard against humidity, moisture, and more by giving our expert packaging specialists a call today at (800) 277-7007.