Preventing Damage in Packaging and Transit: Tilt Indicators

The tilting of goods that must remain upright is an issue for packaging professionals in the business. Our Tilt Indicators detect and record when a product is tilted during the shipping and handling process. Both of our Tilt Indicators are reliable and economical solutions to preventing damage in transit. Immune to normal handling conditions, our Tilt Indicators will not record data during normal vibration or aircraft take off angles in shipping. Moisture-proof and tamper-proof provides added protection through even the worst of conditions.

Tilt Watch: Tilt Indicators 

Benefits of Tilt Indicators for Packaging Processes:

  • Protects against warranty claims and provides evidence of tilting
  • Provides cost-effective solution to tilting
  • Alerts recipient to examine contents before accepting the shipment, reducing the need for shipment returns.
  • Provides clear visibility affixed to goods/packaging
  • Ensures high quality shipping from dock to dock
  • Reduces product damage during transit and storage
  • Increases customer satisfaction and lowers bottom line

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