Process Improvements through Paper Packaging

IPS Packaging offers more proficient unit with environmentally friendly options.

Project Overview

When soliciting feedback from current paper protective packaging users, the main concern with the machine design was the lag time that occurred due to paper jams and roll changes. On earlier modeled machines, one typically has to remove covers or use tools in order to clear any paper jams, which can be a time-consuming process. The GeoSpeed Quantum was produced to be simple and safe to operate while also eliminating aggravating paper jams, therefore creating a more streamlined procedure.


The GeoSpeed Quantum features a distinctive floating-head design which enables the fastest roll loading of any unit on the market.  Paper can be loaded in a matter of seconds and the system can be easily rotated. This machine, which delivers crumpled paper from rollstock at speeds of up to 150 inches per second, establishes a new standard in void-fill, block and brace packaging use.

In addition to Quantum’s favorable design, there are also environmental incentives. Two paper alternatives are offered – a standard kraft grade which a portion is made from recycled content, as well as GeoSpeed Renew, a 100% recycled paper option. Renew paper is softer on the hands and less abrasive to products than standard kraft paper. It is identified by subtle green tint to promote its environmental appeal and produces minimal waste.


  • Environmental:  Inherent advantages of recycled paper availability
  • Growth: Innovative design and functionality help businesses grow
  • Profitability: Material yield will enable companies to sell at enhanced margins
  • Customer Retention:  The cost effective design results in customer satisfaction and retention


GeoSpeed Quantum allows to companies to demonstrate a strong environmental profile

  • Fewer paper jams than any other system
  • Fastest paper system available
  • Small, improved ergonomics and customizable
  • Quickest system to load
  • Fewer parts, minimum wearable parts, simple setup


Case Study Image

The GeoSpeed Quantum unmatched reliability operational simplicity..

Case Study Image

Total Packaging Cost Summary

  • Speed – Increased output
  • Efficiency – Increased up-time
  • Sustainability – Customizable, improved ergonomics
  • Reliability – Low Maintenance


Maximize your equipment efficiency.

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