Protective Sleeving Saves Time and Money

Protective Sleeving on an Apple

Imagine having a packaging product that saves time, space, money, and is flexible in more ways then one! Protective sleeves are a mesh wrap that wraps snugly around virtually any form and is also ideal for many uses and applications such as storing medical components, packaging of industrial machined parts, projects involved with solvents, water, and humidity, protective bulk packaging, and high-cylinder protection/ The mesh design allows for air circulation around all items. Additionally, this is a low volume packaging material that will help save warehouse space and will save on shipping expenses. These sleeves minimize wear or damage by protecting corners and edges of finished parts and also shield finishing, plating, and painting. Sleeves will not trap or absorb moisture and are easy to apply.

Protective Sleeving is Used in a Wide Range of Industrial Applications:

  • Protect corners and edges
  • Custom cut-to-length
  • Custom size and colors
  • Durable, washable, reusable
  • Liquid and air flow
  • Cylinder nets
  • Formfitting
  • Protects damage against corrosion and oxidation


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