Retailers may need to adjust practices to stay competitive

Consumer expectations are rapidly changing, especially when some retailers are constantly pushing boundaries to make shopping easier, faster and more convenient than ever before.

The phenomenon of e-commerce has changed the way consumers view shopping, and over the years, online stores have continued to evolve to meet the demands of their customers. This has given retailers the need to stay current with market trends, or get left behind.

But keeping up isn’t always easy. Many stores have had to change their business models and focus on things they hadn’t before, from website navigation to how quickly and efficiently a packer can prepare a box for transport.

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Pushing the limits of e-commerce

The leader of the pack in the mobile and e-commerce markets is Amazon, which has always pushed the limits to bring goods to its consumers faster than expected. The Chicago Tribune pointed out that the online retailer offered two-day shipping before anyone thought it would be necessary. Now, free two-day shipping is the No. 1 reason more than three-fourths of Amazon shoppers pay for their Prime membership, according to eMarketer.

As Amazon continues to trudge forward to reach customer-satisfaction goals most retailers never dreamed of, many stores are doing their best to keep up. Same-day shipping is available in some markets, with some orders being delivered in just hours.
PYMNTS reported that Macy’s same-day delivery is now available in 17 metro markets, and Best Buy’s is close behind, serving 13 markets.

Keeping up with industry trends

Staying competitive with these stores has always been a little tricky, but with these new services, it can get even harder. Large retailers have many distribution centers from which they can send their products, making it easier to provide fast shipping for cheap. The LA Times reported that Amazon has 109 warehouses around the world and added 50 fulfillment centers globally between 2011 and 2015.

However, even retail giants with many distribution centers still need to adjust their procedures to achieve high-speed, quality delivery. This applies to delivery methods as well as expertly wrapping the items with protective packaging quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The Chicago Tribune stated that when Macy’s receives an order that qualifies for same-day delivery, it packages the order for delivery, which is then picked up by a Deliv driver. Deliv is a service used by many retailers hoping to bring customers their orders the same day the purchase is made. The Deliv driver is chosen based on how close he or she is, whether the package will fit in his or her car and driver rating.

Pack-And-Guard-Easy-DeliveryPackaging matters

As Practical Ecommerce noted, smaller retailers will need to come up with their own solutions, whether they be added warehousing space, more efficient packaging and shipping methods or offering a product selection that’s unique and sought-after enough that speed isn’t as important.

“Retailers need to come up with their own solutions.”

Regardless of how quickly a package will reach the buyer, though, it always makes good business sense to ensure packers are handling orders quickly and intelligently. For this reason, it’s important that retailers equip packers with the tools they need to fulfill their jobs to the best of their ability. Using a packaging system that is intuitive and simple will make the work easier and quicker.

In today’s ever-changing e-commerce atmosphere, it is crucial that stores stay up to date on current trends. Using the best packaging strategy to suit their unique needs will be essential if they are going to stay competitive.

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