Rules and Regulations for Corrugation: Numbered Packages and Other

Numbered packages:

When the article listing includes “in Package_” (there may be multiple numbers listed), the carriers require a particular packaging system. Thorough instructions for Numbered Packages are listed in the section titled Specifications for Numbered Packages. Numbered Packages necessitate a rectangular BMC which specifies the package number and the burst strength or ECT of the corrugated fiberboard used.

Other Carriers:

The air cargo and airline industries do not advertise detailed packaging instructions except for unusual articles such as live animals, human remains, seafood, etc. Individual carriers-United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), the U.S. Postal Service, and others-publish their own tariffs. Both UPS and FedEx require compliance with Item 222, including material specifications per package weight, dimensions and BMCs. Also, both require that the packages they carry are of minimum 200 burst strength or 32 ECT, and are capable of meeting appropriate International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)-Preshipmem Testing Procedures and Projects. It is optimal to check with the carriers themselves to establish whether or not there are specific packaging obligations or recommendations for shipping specific articles in their systems. Carriers frequently offer packaging seminars and transport package testing for their patrons.

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