Safety Precautions

First, before using any tools, be sure to read and thoroughly comprehend all of the information for safe operation found in the owner’s manual. The owners manual is where you will find all you need to know about the instrument and how it functions.

If the tool is heavy, a counterbalance will entirely support the weight at a preferred level.

Operating Warning


Operating Warning


Strapping Safety Precautions

Secondly, protective glasses with side shields, heavy gloves, and steel toe shoes must be worn.  Be certain not to have loose clothing near the moving parts of the tool or strap and always stand with your feet square to the ground to avoid losing one’s balance.

Lastly, NEVER modify a tool, especially by extending the handle to get more leverage. This could result in serious injury.

Safety Procedures for Tool Operation


Always proceed with caution when operating tools. It is up to the user to determine if the load is safe.

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