Schooling the competition in void fill

Textbook fulfillment house switches to IPS air cushioning system

A privately held, education-based corporation headquartered in the southeast provides textbooks, trade and reference books to the K through 12 and college markets. To help protect its books in transit, the company had been using Storopak void-fill system in tandem with overhead accumulation bins for the past several years. Product specialists were able to offer a superior alternative by providing faster equipment coupled with biodegradable pillow film.

Four Storopak units were replaced by three AirSpeed 5000 units.

The AirSpeed 500 system is fast enough (80 to 90, 8 x 6-inch air pillows per minute) so that overhead bins are no longer necessary. By taking down the bins, the warehouse employees are now benefitting from improved air flow, more sunlight, and three fewer overhead “dust collectors.” The installation was customized with a four-foot transfer bin extender for each AirSpeed 5000. That enabled the packers to conveniently access the pillow pack and place it into the box without stretching or leaving the station.

… a combination of equipment superiority (speed), material profile (less resin/biodegradable), and an improved working environment for employees.

In terms of material, EP Flex Renew also supported the customer’s environmental position. Since the company works with a large number of academic institutions and also contract packages for another environmentally-conscious text book e-seller, it was interested in the value proposition EP Flex Renew provided. The high performance, low-density polyethylene air pillow film is made with up to 50% less resin than competitive inflatable void-fill products. It also contains a proprietary organic additive that accelerates microbial biodegradation, without compromising recyclability.


  • Blazing speed: 75 feet per minute; no need for bulky storage dispensing systems
  • Portable: No compressed air needed on this void fill packaging system
  • Compact: Easily fits into any packaging operation, large or small
  • Easy to operate: Load film and start machine
  • Low maintenance: Minimal parts means fewer repairs
  • Versatile: Single system produces void fill packaging of varied sizes
  • Flexible: Adjust cushion fill pressure; measure chain length by feet

IPS Packaging suggested the use of an AirSpeed 5000 inflatable void-fill system.

  • Quicker, more efficient packaging operation
  • Improved air flow and work environment for employees
  • Three overhead “dust collectors”
  • Improved sustainability and biodegradability

Pregis’ Air Speed 5000 system is fast enough (80 to 90, 8- x 6-inch air pillows per minute) so that overhead bins are no longer necessary.

Total Packaging Cost Summary

  • Material= 50% reduction in resin compared to competitive inflatable void-fill products
  • Space = 25% increase in pack area space
  • Labor = 15 % reduction in labor
  • Sustainability = EP Flex Renew Film is biodegradable as well as recyclable

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